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Wigsoft Logo Trading for more then 30 years under the name WIGSOFT,my creations have achieved publications in Magazines on (DISK) OR (CASSETTE TAPE) and on the internet by various retro enthusiasts.

1. Ghosty (1984)
2. Scorpion (1988)
3. Scorpion II (1991)
4. Groworm (1997)

Our magazine submissions have always achieved the highest recommendations and awards for fun and often unique ideas.

Back in the day, programmers had a passion to create new and creative as well as diverse and often very challenging games, for many years i have buried myself in my work only to emerge a better programmer and graphic designer, I have worked for many companies over the years, learning new crafts like Web Design, Scripting and Flash as well as industry standard software.

my work for the past 15+ years has been mostly in web design, but I have always been creating graphics and programming software.

I am also currently learning mobile development and intend to publish my Android and Iphone games soon.


Tiny Tots (Drawing & Writing Application)
Published by AMIGA FORMAT 1995

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  Developed By Leslie Wigmore 1995  
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